All about me

Well what can I say, nothing to boring I hope……

I am nearer to 50 years of age but it doesn’t bother me, I am healthy and happy and have great friends around me ….that is important

I have 2 children..’Girl’ is nearly 21 years and ‘Boy’ is nearly 19 years and then there is ‘The Husband’  and we have been married for just over 26 years.

I love cooking in my relatively new kitchen, and now I have foxtel (cable tv) installed on the kitchen telly and it is great.  It may not improve my cooking but it makes me happy.  My best recipe is one that doesn’t mean much washing up afterwards.

I have enjoyed being a SAHM mum and watching my kids grow into nice , young adults, although we still get naughty moments from them and I do have bite marks on my tongue from holding back and not saying things. 

We have travelled a bit and really enjoy that, we are always thinking of our next holiday and I plan the days so we don’t waste any time.  I enjoy learning about different cultures and customs, even if it is from watching documentaries.

Well, that is a little bit about me, you will get to know more as I write……..

Did you know that…..the British have driven on the left side of the road ever since the Roman chariot drivers needed to be quick to meet the enemy with their sword at the ready in their right hand……


5 Responses to “All about me”

  1. Tracey Says:

    And.. she’s off and racing. I’m going to enjoy this, Linda! “… but it makes me happy” is a good line!
    Like the ‘Did you know’ sign-off too!

    I’ve got you linked from my blog now!

    • lindamaas Says:

      this IS fun! thank you for the comments, they give you a little lift don’t they!

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Did you know – is a very nice touch. Hope you keep it.
    When my husband retired he became the dishwasher so I don’t mind using more dishes while cooking now.
    Just something to keep in mind for the future. 😉

  3. Matthew Nicholson Says:

    I can’t belive I’m still reading this !

  4. Linda Says:

    Yes Matthew, good reading is hard to find…ha ha…

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