This year has been my happiest so far

I am not one to do an annual letter with my christmas cards, although I love to read them even if I have not met the people, but I am going to take some time today and think about the last 12 months.

Last year my mum turned 80 years.  Mum had a bad year last year, she does her best looking after my dad who has Alzheimer’s.  Combining old age, a bit of bad health and being a full-time carer for dad in their own home it was all taking a toll.  So I had a great idea, as I LOVE holidays I thought I would take her on one.  So we went for 7 days to Bali, Indonesia.

million rupiah pensioner

Heard of million dollar baby? Well here is million rupiah pensioner!

We popped dad in for a respite stay and told him we were going up north for a break, we let him think we were going to Port Macquarie, a little town up on the north coast. 

Mum had a great time, and so did I.  We stayed at a hotel in Tuban which is just down from Kuta, a hotel that I had stayed at before on a family and friends holiday.  My mum is a talker, and I mean a serious talker, but the locals loved her and when we went shopping they listened  politely to her stories while I sat and waited for her.  My mother ignored the idea of bargaining for a better price when shopping. I love to bargain and the locals encourage it.  My mum just paid the first price and when I tried to explain to her about bargaining instead she insisted that they needed the money more than she did.  Great answer, not that we have a lot of  money but we are lucky to live in the country that we do and we are safer than many others in the world. 

Last April we went on a family and friends holiday to Vietnam.  This was our 2nd time to this wonderful country.  I don’t usually like to go to the same place twice as the world is so big and I want to see it all, but Vietnam is a great place.  It was a great holiday with very good friends.

friends vietnam

a archway

In May my mum had a eye operation, a bit scary for us as with any operation, but she came through ok.  After the operation she booked herself into a retirement village for a week for the after care.  I can’t remember the name of the operation, but she had gas put behind the eyeball, or something like that.  Anyway 22 hours a day she had to sit face down in a chair, and when she slept at night she was face down on like a big donut pillow. It was all very necessary and she didn’t complain that much.  When we visited her, all she talked and hinted about was our trip to Bali, so my husband suggested that I should take her again.  So I am in 3 weeks time.

But the highlight of my year was the school reunion!  I waited 34 years to go to my first one.


Mind you,  I was not on the original list of invites ( do not get me started on that story ), but I had a wonderful time.  For me it wasn’t just about the night.  I met friends in person before the big night and that was a good icebreaker.  Then I started stalking  looking for friends on facebook and that was a great tool to use.  I have been encouraged to start this blog by someone I remember with fondness at school.  Actually I don’t remember talking to her much on the ‘night’ but it was great to SEE her.  We had chatted on facebook a lot and I felt that I knew her very well and I hope it was mutual. 

Now yesterday this same friend just made my day!  She gave me encouragement, now, as an adult I don’t think we get much of that in life.  I am not one that looks for attention or needs compliments, I just float about quite happy.  But yesterday the words I received made such a difference to me and my thoughts.  Children get encouragement  all the time or they should, but as an adult we tend to forget about it.  It was a great gift to receive, thank you T.

Yesterday I attended a 2nd post reunion afternoon tea and there is a dinner planned just before christmas.  I am enjoying all these catch ups and I am sharing them with the out of towners that cannot attend but want to be updated.

The school reunion for me was a highlight in my year, and has branched into many other things, they were great kids at school and as adults they are so much fun.  To me they might have a few wrinkles and the boys may have lost some hair but they are the same kids that I grew up with and I have great memories.

Did you know that…….in America, drivers sat on the left because the brakes were on the left in their covered wagons…….


5 Responses to “This year has been my happiest so far”

  1. Tracey Says:

    Gee, this is all stuff I should have got round to talking to you about at the reunion! [I found that on the night I was so busy catching up with those I hadn’t connected with in the lead up. I didn’t get round to most of the people I’d been talking to on FB!)
    I need to hear more about how you got on the invite list when you weren’t there!
    And, like I said on FB, you’ve been the one giving and giving with all your support on my blog, and over at PRG.. Having blogged for three years now, I know exactly how you feel when you see that you have comments!

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    I like your mother. Sounds like mine. How I wish I had had more years with her.

  3. Linda Says:

    Thank you both.

    Tracey,I will write up “THAT LIST” story up and will share with you soon. Alison Moore laughs every time I tell it, she just eggs me on.

    Elizabeth, how many times I have heard people say that about their parents. My DH lost his mother in feb of this year so I know that is why he is encouraging me to go. But I did such a good job giving her a good holiday last year because I thought that it was a once only, I need to try to at least equal it.

  4. Tracey Says:

    Oooh, you’ve added photos!!

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