Left off ‘THE LIST’

Well, how did it all start, let me set the scene…..

June of this year, I was looking at the ‘Friends Reunited’ website.  It was the only contact I had had with school friends.  There was an option to pay and contact people but I never went down that track.  I just read about the people who I remembered and reminisced. 

Anyway, one day, I snooped, read by mistake,  read someone elses conversations about an upcoming reunion, it was 30 years since the year 12 kids had left school and the reunion was to be in September of this year.  Well, was I excited!  Their conversation had been last December, and they had spoken about earlier reunions over the years, I had no idea of any of them!  And how could they forget to invite ME of all people.

My poor husband had to listen to a question that I kept repeating over and over and over. 


 Why was my name NOT on the student reunion list? 

(If any organisers from this event read this, it is all in jest.  I just had something NEW to complain about, OK!  I had a wonderful time and I don’t want anyone to take this story seriously).

I kept looking at THE LIST and saw maiden and married names for the girls, and saw names of other people who I just could not remember and did not know.  That was because for year 11 and year 12, kids from other schools transferred in so that made sense that I did not know them, I was at another school.

So why were THOSE kids on the list and NOT me!  I had spent YEARS and YEARS with these kids and they were only there for 2 years.  Surely I would have been more missed than these transients.

I had started kindergarten with this bunch of kids and went right through to the end of year 8 when my family moved to another suburb and I did my last 2 years at a different high school.  I had always wanted to see some of those kids but never got a chance.  I was too shy to do any investigating so I just let it go I suppose.

But know it was different, I had the internet in the privacy of my home to stalk seek out information at any time of the day or night.  With my trusty cups of tea beside me, I joined Facebook.  They were the best tools I needed for this operation.  And then I was on my way.  I went from page to page looking for clues and checking backgrounds on people so I could sort out  the good, the bad and the ugly.  Sorry, but I watched a western movie last night.  No really, they were all a lovely bunch of kids but I got to know what they had been up to more recently. 

One old schoolmate supplied me with old school photos that I did not have and it was great to use them to get the old grey matter working.  I, of course took them on the night with me, and I often asked people if they were in my photo and if they remembered me! 

I will keep those photos with their names scibbled on them as treasured keepsakes.

So, hopefully now that I am on THE LIST I will stay there. 

Forget movie premieres and a-list celebrity weddings, this was the only LIST that was important to me!

Did you that………….the secret ballot was an Australian invention from 1856……….


2 Responses to “Left off ‘THE LIST’”

  1. Tracey Says:

    Ah, but how did you actually get ON “The List”??!!
    By the time I connected with you on Facebook it was a done deal!!

    How about the school you moved to? No desire to reunite with people you went through Year 9 and 10 with? Or was it too short?

  2. Linda Says:

    I tracked down Kay Chapman by clues that she left on her Facebook, I then snail mailed her my story about leaving, blah, blah, and I got added!

    So, when I started year 9, I was 13 years of age, do I need to say any more! I was getting out of school as quick as I could to earn money and to travel around the world. No career plans for me!
    I felt very flat about changing schools, but I was not depressed. Making friends was a bit hard as I was still feeling shy and awkward and I had those bright shiny braces on my teeth! But all these things make you tougher later in life don’t they.

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