I like a challenge BUT……..

I have a problem. 

Yes, I probably have more than one, but I can only deal with them one at a time.  I have set up this blog and I am trying to improve my page.  I have 2, yes check it out, 2 followers but I can not show them on my sidebar.  It is funny, no hilarious because I am watching the video tutorials but I have no sound so it is getting frustrating and difficult to learn.

I know that there are bigger problems in the world but this is MY problem at the moment. 


Oh well, like I say I do like a challenge and I WILL NOT GIVE UP!

Did you that…………..

American diner slang for two poached eggs is………..Adam’n Eve


4 Responses to “I like a challenge BUT……..”

  1. Tracey Says:

    Well, you made me laugh. Watching video tutorials without sound! Love it.

    On the wordpress dashboard, on the left hand side, go down to Links. That’s where you put in the websites/blogs that you want to link to. The default setting will have them come out under a heading Blogroll, but once you start playing around in there, you’ll eventually work out how you can set up new link categories. (I have two categories, and I discovered that it automatically puts them in alphabetical order, according to the name.)

    I still get a bit lost in WordPress, it’s not totally user friendly, I don’t think. So, don’t feel too bad. I’ve figured out most of it by going in to things on the dashboard and playing around.

    The other way to put things in the sidebar is with Widgets, which you find a link to in the main part of your dashboard, in the Right Now (At a glance) section.

    If you’re still lost, message me on FB, or email me traceelements (at) exemail (dot) com (dot) au, and I”ll do a screenshot for you.

  2. Linda Says:

    Thanks for the help. I have fiddled a bit with the widgets, and I am sure by trial and error I will get there.

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    You have the two very best ever people. Are you after quality or just numbers???

  4. Linda Says:


    I have enjoyed both your blogs and I was keen to share them with others. As you can see being on A LIST was important to me (refer to earlier post, if you haven’t already). It took me hours to get my list up and running and I very proudly put you on!

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