It is just too soon, it is bloody ridiculous

I know that I am an organiser, because everyone tells me.  I know that I am anal, because they  just love to tell me that one also.  I get teased about having my diary and taking it out to check, but they CANNOT tell me that I, or my children, have ever missed anything.  Yes, I do write my christmas cards in September, which suits me. I write clearly and neatly, instead of scrawling them at the last minute.  Ok, I do have a tradition of many years, of mailing them so that they arrive in the letter boxes on December the 1st.  And I do decorate the envelopes with stickers, the envelopes are works of art.  No, ok, maybe some people may think that they are tacky, but every year they know which envelope is from me.  But what I saw today was just bloody ridiculous……

The house in the next street have started to decorate their windows for CHRISTMAS!


Now, I live in suburbia, the houses around here, on average have 4 or 5 bedrooms on medium sized blocks on land.  If we were in an area, where the homes were huge with dozens of windows that faced the street you may have to start early.  But not around here!  It is still October, I only noticed it today, but they could have done it weeks ago.  It is just stupid!  I know the stores start selling their christmas stock, it seems earlier every year, but to decorate a house for christmas NOW, even I haven’t done THAT!

Note: For years and years, I have always boo hooed Halloween.  But the last couple of years the idea is catching on around here in Australia.  And today I started to decorate the front of my house.  Some may say what I am doing is RIDICULOUS, I know my friend that is coming for a cuppa tomorrow will laugh and tease me!  The kids that come last year looking for sweets LOVED it, they were all talking about the decorations as they left the house.  They were happy, so I was happy.

Did you know that………….

SICS stands for sitting in chair snickering………………


3 Responses to “It is just too soon, it is bloody ridiculous”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    I make lists. I have a calendar on the front of my fridge for appointments and birthdays etc. I buy my Christmas cards on sale in January but don’t write them til December.
    Apparently I have control issues. I see nothing wrong in making the family do it my way. My way really is best!

    As to Halloween, my few decorations went up yesterday but I’ve had the candy tucked away since September when the best sales were on.

  2. Linda Says:

    love it, love it, there are not many of us so we have to stick together. Our way or the highway!

  3. Tracey Says:

    Hee hee, who knew that you two would have so much in common! Well, linda, E will tell you that i’m none of the above!! Totally disorganised, totally anti Christmas cards arriving before December (and preferably not that early, I mean, where the hell do i put them for a month?!!).. and totally anti halloween because of the bloody kids that egged our house the first year we were here (and since). Grrrr, don’t start me!

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