Happy Halloween

Now I KNOW that I am going to cop a lot of flack for this page. 

I have 3 male friends in particular (A, G and M), that are going to pay out on me something BAD if they read this page!

But I AM WOMAN and I can handle anything, well no I can’t,

and I know that I will not live this down. 

But I have done it for the children!


Wicked Westie Witch

I love Halloween, can you tell?  It is a shame that in this photo you cannot clearly see that my bracelet, earrings and necklace all match, all skulls.  My boy took the photo and couldn’t wait to run inside in case a neighbour saw him.  Slightly embarrassed, I think!?!

Now, when my children were very young, I OPPOSED  Halloween, saying it was only for Americans and Americans only.  But  now things have changed.

11 years ago we went on a holiday to the USA and spent Halloween in Las Vegas and it was just wonderful.  The colour, the costumes and the decorations.  Last year, was the first year, that I put some decorations out at the front of the house.  I waited hours and hours for the little critters children to make their way to our entrance.  I had a spooky tape that I played on the stereo to give some atmosphere as they approached the front door.  They commented on the spider web and the posters on the windows.  They hesitated about coming to the door, it was great, I loved to hear the fear  in their voices as they approached the door to get just a handful of lollies for their effort.  Anyway, this year will be bigger and better and I want to wish everyone a ‘Happy Halloween Day’.



Did you that…………..a collector of walking sticks is a rabdophilist.


5 Responses to “Happy Halloween”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    I’ve packed in my necklace, my earrings and mask. I gave away my scary music tape. I only buy candy that I like so I can enjoy the leftovers. I am getting tired of getting up and down out of my chair when the knock comes on the door BUT I love the costumes and excited faces of the little ones who brave our usually cold and damp weather to hold out their candy bags and quietly mutter Trick or Treat.

    and I appreciate the parents standing behind them reminding them to say thank you. Good manners are important any day of the week.

  2. Linda Says:

    Oh yes the parents, extra lollies for those children that bring them OR of course the parents they insist they have to go. There are a lot of nutters about in the world

  3. Diane nicholls Says:


  4. Abe Says:

    I know where you an buy tables and chairs

    • Linda Says:

      yes thank you Abe, but you are supposed to comment about the story you dingaling.

      Now go and get your lovely wife’s dinner ready and finish the laundry jobs before she gets home!

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