We are soo cultured!

For five or so years I have seen the advertising of this all male corps de ballet.

We finally went to see them last week, it was wonderful!  I was so excited I was beside myself!  We sat about six rows from the stage, and just to the left side, PERFECT!

I started chatting to the older couple next to me, they had seen the show when it first come to Sydney six years ago.  They did not buy a programme so I shared mine with them and we patiently waited for the performance to start.  DH went with me, I was sure he would enjoy it and he did.  We do not know a glissade from a  jete and this was a perfect introduction to ballet.  I was laughing so much at times I had to cover my mouth to stifle the noise.

If you enjoy the theatre and you want to laugh out loud, see this show!

Two days later we had another ‘cultured’ experience, ‘ Sculptures by the Sea’.  It started at Bondi Beach and wound its way around to Tamarama Bay, a lovely little walk.  We learnt (from going last year) that you hand over $10 bucks and you are given a catalogue and site map, without it you miss out on the experience.   Sometimes you can walk past a sculpture and not even know it was there.

Well ‘plebs’ like us would find it harder to understand what we were looking at.

Then again reading some of the ‘Statements’ from the artists confused us more!

This was a bit of controversy about this sculpture and someone did put underwear on it at one stage.

And here are some more…..

It really is worth seeing at least once in your life!

Well that is enough of that, back to watching ‘Kath and Kim’ no explanations needed to enjoy that show.

Did you know that………………

the singer k.d. Lang’s initials stand for Kathryn Dawn……………..


5 Responses to “We are soo cultured!”

  1. Tracey Says:

    Damn, the sculpture by the sea thing is finished. I want ‘cultcha’ to see in Sydney in January!

  2. Linda Says:

    Oh sorreee darrrling, maybe try ‘Sandcastle at the Sea’. We saw that at Palm Beach one year in January.

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    Liked the shoes and boots. Took 1/2 sec to get the drinking straw.

  4. Linda Says:

    Elizabeth I will quote from the catalogue;

    materials: 200 handcrafted recycled shoes, sand
    statement: The sand shoes reflect our existence, soft worn centres hidden beneath hard exteriors. At any moment we may find ourselves at a precipice

    and the straw

    materials: steel, pvc tubing, nylon, exterior acrylic
    dimensions: 1070cm x 25cm x 620cm
    statement: Australia is an island surronded by water yet we never have enough of it to drink. The sculpture highlights this irony, bringing to mind the desalination debate.

    Hope you like the extra info

  5. Elizabeth Says:


    I never thought of sand shoes reflecting my existence though. I just thought both very clever.

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