Where has everybodys sense of humour gone?

Yesterday I went to our local shops, there is 10 shops and 4 businesses upstairs, and a small car park.  I rushed strolled into the bottlo wine merchants as I noticed my favourite drop was 1/2 price if you bought a dozen bottles.  As it is THAT time of the year, a spare dozen will not be wasted!

So I paid for my purchase, and then I was offered car service.  At first I felt embarassed, for years I worked in a warehouse, so I am quite used to handling large weights in boxes.  Then I thought do I look older than I really am.  ‘Seniors’ get help, I AM TOO YOUNG!

Anyway, we started walking through the small carpark, when I turned to him and said “I actually did not bring the car today, but I do not live far”.  I was joking but you should have seen his face!   I expected a polite snigger, but he looked SO SERIOUS.  I had to explain that I was teasing and that my car was in front of him.  He would have been in his late 30’s and I was just surprised of his reaction, I bet he wouldn’t even smirk at this sign.

Did you know that…………………………..

a group of geese on the ground is a gaggle, a group of geese in the air is a skein………..


2 Responses to “Where has everybodys sense of humour gone?”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    No I didn’t know that.
    I like your sense of humour!

  2. Tracey Says:

    Kids today! No sense of humour! 😉 (Obviously didn’t have a father like my kids’ father…) What’s happened to all the stirrers?!

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