Degustation menus

Last week we were very fortunate to spend time with good friends AND they treated us to dinner out!  We went to a TINY restaurant in Newtown, Sydney that has to be booked weeks in advance.  That means it must be good and it was FABULOUS.  Bit of a surprise when we sat down, as  it was a set menu, no control here, I don’t like that!  So I looked at the menu list but I was surprised, items I would not usually order but I was excited to try.  It was a lovely meal and the presentation was GORGEOUS!

I would have loved to whip out my camera at each course to share with you the photos but that was going to be seen as very ‘tacky’ (not cultured).

( The photos above were pinched from google images and they are what we ate).

Did you know that……………………

Lachanophobia is a fear of vegetables……………………….


One Response to “Degustation menus”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Ohhhhh scallops.
    I do tacky.

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