my DH

I know as a wife that you have to carry the extra load for your husband sometimes, I accept that and have done it for years BUT NO MORE!  I am standing my ground and I am never going to help HIM with driving directions again!

HIMSELF does work long hours,  so on the weekends I sometimes plan for an outing for the two of us.  Last time we went out,  I threatened to meet him there by public transport.

He has the ‘Navman’ GPS thingy in the car and a street directory but still asks me where to go.  I advise him, he ignores me and we argue.  Then I suggest to turn THAT WOMAN on and listen to her.  He does that and then argues with THAT WOMAN.  It does make an interesting day sometimes but other days I could kill him……

Did you know that…………..

Catoptrophobia is a fear of mirrors……………


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