Then there was Christmas…..

Well that is another Christmas nearly over for us!

We still have people to catch up with for chrissy drinks, that now become New Year drinkies.

Our kids maybe getting older, but the word TRADITION is getting louder each year.

I have been told to forget the advent calendar  TRADITION (as the the chocolate is cheap and nasty) but it was suggested that I replace it with a super size block of Cadbury chocolate. Nice try…

A week before Christmas we get together with some very good friends and our TRADITION is to sit under the Harbour bridge for dinner with fish and chips.  Now, we have done this for 9 years we think, each year we discuss the figure.

This year the food was actually hot and it did not rain and we did not need to get the ski jackets out to stop the horrible wind.  It was quite pleasant weather, what a nice change from the past years.  It was a lovely night to sit on the edge of the most beautiful harbour in the world!

After dinner, the TRADITION is that we stop in the same neighbourhood each year and walk around the streets checking out the house decoration lights.  Then it is back to our friends home for christmas cake and coffee.  I LOVE IT!

The next TRADITION is all mine!  The year that my baby boy announced that he did not believe in Santa anymore I was shattered.  My boy was all grown up, I sulked for a little while and then I decided that each Christmas Day I would volunteer at a church run open house lunch that catered for the homeless and lonely.  I have just done it for the 7th consecutive time and I thoroughly enjoy it!

We all spend time as a family in the morning, opening gifts and then I leave for my duties and come back by about 3pm.  I have a sleep, and as I wake up to prepare dinner my boy and DH go and pickup up the other members of our family and then we have a sit down dinner for 11 or 12 people.  We all enjoy are TRADITIONAL hot dinner, even though the heat is usually unbearable outside.

Boxing day is TRADITIONALLY a day when my husbands family get together.  We like to refer it as Christmas Day no.2.

Well they are the main points of our Christmas routine,  I just wanted to give you a small insight to what we do!

Did you know that…………………..the Christmas candy cane, shaped as a shepherds’ crook, represents the humble shepherds who were first to worship the new-born Christ…………………..



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