The restroom

Now this may be an unusual topic, but I am going to give it a go.

Picture this 2 toilets, each single doors, one marked for each sex, if you swapped the signs there would be no difference on the other side on the door.

Well today, I was no.3 in line for the ladies at the restroom at a cafe, nothing unusual there, you learn to wait don’t you.  A man left the mens toilet and we stood there for a moment… no man was waiting to go inside… I went in!  When I came out, the lady that was n0.2 in the line joined me at the one and only sink and asked if I had used the mens.  I said yes, and she was shocked, I answered what is the problem, it was empty.

Now,  should I have offered the empty cubicle to the next person in line.  If  I was at the supermarket, and there was a free checkout  I would have.  Or was she upset that I had used the mens?  I just wondered, not the biggest problem in the world but I was curious.

Then I had a look at some interesting toilet door signs on the net.  Here are two that made me smile.

And this is one I saw on a trip to China that I went on a couple of years ago.

Did you know that……………..theaters in Glendale, California can show horror films only on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday…………………………………….


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