NY resolution………

I am going to do it different this year, I started my NY resolution a couple of days ago.  TO lose weight!  Ok, it may sound cliche BUT this time I am serous, my SIL gave me a diet she has used.  She lost 15 kg in 10 weeks and she didn’t have to exercise, now that got my attention!  My DH has also started a new weight lose regime, so now that he is focused that will help me.

I will not be boring during this time ( I hope ) but I my write a bit more often so I can stay out of the kitchen.  Exercise, yuk poohy stuff that I  do not like!  I still have some home made mince pies, NO, I will not have one, but I do not like to wate food!  Oh what will I do?

Did you know that…………….a copoclephilist collects key rings………..


One Response to “NY resolution………”

  1. Tracey Says:

    I wish i could just exercise and not have to change what I eat as well. I don’t want to waste the three blocks of Cadbury Dairy Milk that my daughter’s friend gave me as a thank you for having her stay a few nights on her trip up from melbourne….

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