Z is for…..

If  someone copies my idea I feel flattered, so, I am going to copy someone elses idea and hope that they feel the same!  But I will put my own twist on it!

I am going to try the ABC idea on blogging but I will do it backwards.

OK you may think it is dumb, but this is my blog, so it is my rules!

Z is for zebra, an animal that I find interesting.

Zebras died of hunger earlier this year during the Israel-Hamas war

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip – Gaza City zookeepers have found a creative way of drawing crowds to their dilapidated zoo — by painting their donkeys. The Marah Land Zoo’s only two zebras died of hunger earlier this year when they were neglected during the Israel-Hamas war.

The popular animals were too expensive to replace, so the keepers decided to design a pair of donkeys with black and white patterns instead.

Ahmad Barghouti says a professional painter used French-manufactured hair coloring to make the donkeys look like zebras.

Did you know that……………….11% of people are left handed……………………


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