What have I been doing lately?

Where does my time go, I am busy but what have I done!

For christmas I bought myself a slide/35mm convertor that will make a jpeg of each frame.  Now I have played around with it but have not got into using it properly yet.

I went to my parents and collected old slides that they haven’t seen in years.  It has taken me 2 days to sort and collate and the total came to about 360, and there are more to come.  When I finished, the mere thought of spending time with my little gadget was daunting!  So I have arranged for a professional to do the job.  I know, what a cop out. But I have convinced myself that it will be money well spent as my parents are in their 80’s and if I don’t do it now, they may never see them!  I will use my convertor gadget soon!

No I am not THIS lazy, but I thought it was worth sharing!

Well today I am going back to our spare room to sort out stuff.  The room is tidy ( I buy cupboards to hide my stuff/junk ) but we are hoping to recarpet our home soon and I know that I should throw out things.

Did you know that…………..the Tokyo World Lanes Bowling Center is the largest bowling establishment in the world, it has 252 lanes……………………….


One Response to “What have I been doing lately?”

  1. Tracey Says:

    No wonder we haven’t seen much of you online! Our scanner can do negatives and slides, but I haven’t even dared entertain the thought of transferring all my stuff to digital.

    Sounds like a few of us have some de-junking times ahead.

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