Time can disappear easily

I am trying to resist sitting at the computer so much BUT sometimes it is hard to leave.  There is so much stuff out there that I like to keep up on.  And some of the blogs crack me up.

There is one old bugger, ( http://crabbyoldfart.wordpress.com/about/ )   but he only writes once a week and I love it.  Of course I know he could be a pimply girl of 16 years but I don’t care if that is true, I love the stories BUT I must wash my kitchen floor today!

Did you know that…………………….an icosahedron has 20 equal sides……………….

I did not stump my friend Libby the other day with my “puggle” fact.

?  Are my facts too easy, boring or garbage?…………..that is a rehtorical question……..


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