I can hear you now!

Well, I am now complete! Yes it has taken me a while, but I now have SOUND!  BUT, I have just found another problem and makes me crack up every time, and that puts a smile on my face so it is all good.

Now I don’t want to really admit it, but I do not mind a bit of talk back radio of a morning. So I figured I could listen to this ‘NEW podcast stuff’ via the computer (I am turning into such a newbie geek).  I went to the radio website, clicked the appropriate tabs and then got a fright but it made me laugh.

Now I have never claimed to be a looker, I don’t see the sense in new clothes every season in the name of  ‘fashion’, I don’t wear makeup or even use moisturiser BUT I do insist on having my grey roots coloured every 5 weeks.

So I have no reason to point a finger but, there is a photo of one of the radio presenters that I think is a shocker! Like I said I have never claimed to be looker, blah blah….. I wish I had my confidence like some people.  This is how I feel if I have to wear makeup…

Did you know that………………….the flag for Libya is unlike any other being a solid green colour………………………..


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