G is for…..

Go Karting. Love it!  I haven’t done any go-karting for a while, must fix that soon.

Did you know that……………….there are 7 points on the Statue of Liberty’s crown………………….


One Response to “G is for…..”

  1. Moonbeam McQueen Says:

    Oh my gosh! I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get over here, but I am SO glad I did! I love your idea of working through the alphabet. What a great way to impart a little knowledge, and to let us readers get to know a bit about you. I haven’t finished yet, but I will. I also love the little factoids that you tack on at the end of each one.

    Just a suggestion, but you should really add a link to your blog on your name. That way, when you leave comments, people can click it and find this little jewel.

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